Jordan Muraglia, Executive Chef & Owner

By Kimberly Giles

How did your interest in Charcuterie begin?

My Genovese-Italian heritage laid the foundation for my interest in charcuterie. Being inspired by my Italian roots, as well as traditional French culinary background inspired my renditions of classics as well as a passion for curating charcuterie from respected domestic and international purveyors.

What regional ingredients do you utilize in your charcuterie?

For my Rabbit Riettes I prefer to use fresh local Fredericksburg, TX ingredients.

What is your optimal Charcuterie board presented with?

I enjoy the combination of artisan mustard, pickles of any kind and seasonal fruit confiture to round off the complete experience.

What community organization are you inspired by or involved with?

We recently implemented a sustainable approach to waste management here at Vaudeville. We contracted a private recycling company to expand on our green practices, as public recycling services are unfortunately not available in this community. We are also cutting down on our use of plastics significantly and turning to compostable materials, while simultaneously educating our younger employees about recycling.