Barley Swine

Kevin Cannon, Chef de Cuisine


Why is Farm to Table important to you for your culinary needs?

Well, it is quite simple. Without farms, there is no food. Supporting the farms around us is the best way to keep the food supply..

Does Farm to Table seem important to your patrons?

Yes, we see a lot of our guests at the farmer’s market.

What are your seasonal, locally sourced favorite indgriedents from Hat & Heart farms?

Onions, leeks, garlic are great. We use their goat for our smoked goat neck. We use their borage flowers as a garnish, and we are all excited for their tomatillos.

Is there a connection or inspiration you feel as a chef by creating dishes where you know where your ingredients Are sourced?

There’s definitely a connection with the farm. Different farms produce the same ingredient, but they look and taste different. We use each ingredient to highlight the produce.

What is the plus side for sourcing seasonally in your Farm to Table approach and the downside or challenges?

The blessings are that the food is fresh. It tastes real and has its own personality. The downside is changing the menu to reflect what’s available. Sometimes you need something you can’t get.

Barley Swine
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