Rooted 210 Urban Winery

Telling Texas Wine Stories…in Cities

By Lorelei Helmke

Located in Hemisphere Park just outside of Downtown San Antonio, RE:ROOTED 210 offers a place to have a relaxed glass of wine in an urban setting. Owner Jennifer Beckman has beautifully designed a tasting room that is modern and cozy with a totally grammable sofa. 

Opening in February 2021, RE:ROOTED 210 overcame many obstacles in its first days, including a pandemic and a Texas freeze no one saw coming. But the efforts have paid off. 

RE:ROOTED 210 is changing the way people see both Texas wines and wine in bottle. Jennifer’s wines are poured from a tap. The kegs are made of recycled material and are recycled when empty. Customers fill growlers and return them for a discount on their next fill. 

The result is a smaller footprint on the earth but a bigger enjoyment for the clientele. 

And the wines are simply delicious!

2019 Ghost Tracks

Texas High Plains

Sauvignon Blanc, Albariño, and Fiano

On first approach, the Meyer lemon rises to the top. Aromas of orange blossom and wildflower honey follow. This light, hay-hued white wine offers bright acidity and delightful flavors. Pair with grilled shrimp or goat cheese.

2019 Cable Cars

Texas High Plains

Roussanne and Viognier

These Rhone whites have established themselves in Texas individually, but when blended these grapes glide along together beautifully. This blend offers fresh aromas of ripe white peach, jasmine flowers and a hint of lychee. A medium-bodied white with balanced acidity and a clean finish. Pair with Thai styled dishes or glazed pork chops.

2019 SA Rosé

Texas High Plains

Sangiovese with 10% Cinsault

A rich rosé that has been aged on the lees to give it a creamy dimension not often seen. Essence of strawberries and watermelon entice the nose while a smooth silk-like texture graces the mouth. An intriguing rosé with surprising complexity, easy to drink on its own or enjoy with roasted beet salad or plank roasted salmon.

2018 Carignan

Texas High Plains

100% Carignan

Some call this the Christmas wine for good reason. This luscious red shows off intense aromas of cranberry with hints of cinnamon and clove laced with notes of orange zest. It’s an intriguing, delicious combination. Integrated acidity and tannins show on the medium long finish. 

Pair with a beef brisket or serve with Thanksgiving dinner.

2017 Malbec

Newsome Vineyards

Texas High Plains

Dark ruby color with hints of magenta fill the glass. Big, bold blackberries and stewed black plums fill the senses. Notes of vanilla and candy play on the palate. Supple tannins add structure to this lush full bodied red’s lingering finish.

Pair with Portobello mushroom dishes and lamb pops.

2018 Cabernet Sauvignon

Texas High Plains

Robust yet feminine with spectacular garnet hues. Aromas of roses, leather and cassis abound. There is a touch of smoke and earth to round the bouquet. It finishes long and silky. 

Pair with beef tenderloin and Stilton cheese.

Riverwalk NV

Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon

Texas High Plains

A style of blended wine that will continue on at RE:ROOTED 210. The blend may change, but the style will remain the same. This is an easy drinking, brick-red wine with up-front candied raspberries, cocoa dust and a hint of Earl Grey tea on the nose. This wine offers hints of complexity in a carefree red wine.

Pair with your favorite pizza or hamburger.