Downtowner Bar & Kitchen

Chad Niland, Executive Chef

By Kimberly Giles

What food trends are you inspired by looking forward in 2019?

I’m really excited about the fine-casual dining experience. I’m continually finding it easier to have a nice, carefully prepared meal and a craft cocktail without having to break the bank or break out the suit jacket.

Any plans to incorporate something new on your plate for 2019?

I want to continue embracing anything new in 2019, especially our fusion dishes. Our Southern-inspired menu isn’t going anywhere but we really want to experiment with flavors from around the world. We’ll be bringing in new spices, herbs and veggies to play with and see what happens.

Top 3 ingredients you can’t live without?

That’s easy – salt, pepper and garlic. Straight forward and simple, pretty much describes me.

What community organization are you inspired by or plan to be involved in for 2019?

I’m a big supporter of the New Braunfels Conservation Society right now. New Braunfels is growing so fast I feel it’s important to make sure we preserve where we came from. History is important.