Checking in to check out at La Cantera Resort & Spa

Nestled atop that last distinctive hill off Interstate 10 heading into San Antonio from Fredericksburg, the oasis that is La Cantera Resort awaits. Not quite city or country, but safely perched upon the last highest granite outcropping that defines Hill Country, one can view the city lights of San Antonio and yet find no need to venture into the city below the hills.

The city has its vibe, but for the express purpose of checking in to check out, I chose to remain in a bubble that offered a reason to escape solo into a 24-hour tranquility experience sans job or children.

Checking into the 7 – an adult floor with private concierge service – and no families hugging the hallways, one can immediately relinquish adulting personas and get giddy about the prospects of some enjoyable options on site. Let valets park the car and happily forget about being anywhere else. 

3 PM

Checked in to a room with a grand view. Just learned there is a Women and Whisky event happening this evening.

4 PM 

Wandered to the spa and perused the menu of treatment options, managing to squeeze in a quick workout. Then I took a plunge in the dedicated spa pool and enjoyed a fresh-squeezed, berry packed juice from the spa bar.

6 PM

The Whiskey and Women event took place in the lobby and everyone partook in the featured whiskey of the night “Balfour,” which was paired with an array of decadent chocolates. 

7 PM 

Sunset Cinema at the Topaz Pool started. This was a wonderful way to immerse oneself in a movie while floating without the distracting splashes of nearby children. This adult-only infinity pool has an expansive view of the rolling Hill County and the Arnold Palmer golf course below. Ordering cocktails poolside is the perfect way to watch a film while floating at sunset.

9 PM 

Sweet Fire Kitchen is a wonderful dinner selection on site. Highly recommended are:

Toad Hollow white wine with oven-roasted oysters, which was the perfect blend of sea salt brine that matched with suggested wine.

Burrata and heirloom tomato salad

The filet with a chimichurri sauce and corn ribs paired with a roasted pepper sauce.

11 PM

Enjoyed a nightcap at the Sire bar and was not disappointed by the crafty cocktail menu. I sipped and soon dove into luxury linens for an uninterrupted sleep.

10 AM 

Checking out, but not leaving! Concierge service will happily check your luggage, so you can continue fun and activities on site.

Golf, spa treatments, shuttle services to nearby retail stores and theme parks are all options. However, the pool seemed like the most relaxing choice.

12 PM 

Lunch poolside at the Primero Cantina included street tacos with a Paloma.

3 PM  

Finally exiting this lovely checked-out getaway. The valet offered a refreshing bottle of water for the drive home.

For your next check in:

La Cantera Resort and Spa

16641 La Cantera Parkway, San Antonio
Reservations: 855-499-2960 • lacanteraresort.com